Common Uses Of Neodymium Magnets

As far as the strength is concerned, neodymium magnets offer the highest strength. Therefore, even small units are quite effective. Since they are quite useful, you can find a versatile collection of them. Chances are that you have one in your own pocket as well. In this article, we are going to talk about the uses of neodymium magnets. Read on to find out more.Hard Disk DrivesWhen a hard drive writes data on the disk, electricity passes through the coil and creates a magnetic field. As a result, the surface of the hard disk is magnetized. For moving the read and write heads, strong units are used.Audio EquipmentNeodymium magnets can be found in audio equipment, such as speakers as well. The coil generates mechanical energy from electricity, which moves the cone to create sound waves. On the other hand, microphone has a reverse working mechanism. However, both of these devices use the same units.DenturesThese magnets are used in different types of corrective devices. For instance, dentures use them to hold together the replacement dentures, especially where some teeth are not there. Since they are quite strong, even small products have resistance to corrosion.Magnetic Drive PumpsThese pumps have a motor-driven shaft and powerful magnets. They are connected to a shaft that is part of the impeller. When the motor rotates the drive shaft, it generates a powerful field that rotates other magnets.Door CatchesYou can find neodymium magnets in residential, commercial and public buildings. Typically, they are used in many door catches. Basically, the pot or countersunk types are used for attracting steel disk. Alternatively, a magnet mounted on the wall. These strong products are powerful enough to hold the door weight.Generators and MotorsUsually, electric motors use a combo of permanent magnets and electromagnets. These units are used to create mechanical energy from electrical energy. On the other hand, a generator uses mechanical energy and converts it into electricity.BearingsActually, magnetic bearings utilize levitation in order to provide support for the moving parts. And the good thing is that there is no physical contact. The goal is to allow relative motion without a lot of friction and mechanical wear and tear.MRI ScannersThese machines generate a powerful field that helps with the alignment of the protons in the subject’s body. Then radio waves are fired at the body in order to create detailed images. Typically, big MRI machines found in hospitals contain big neodymium magnets. With these tiny products, doctors save thousands of lives every day.Magnetic TherapyWhile there is not enough clinical evidence of their efficacy, neodymium magnets are used to relieve pain. Since they are strong, they are quite popular among those who believe in the efficacy of magnetic therapy.Long story short, these are some common uses and applications of these products. If you want to enjoy these benefits, we suggest that you go ahead and buy high quality units from a reputable seller.


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